Hazing and Sexual Assault: Connecting the Dots for Prevention

Presenters: Elizabeth Allan (StopHazing), Jane Stapleton (Prevention Innovations / University of New Hampshire)
Date: February 11, 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM EST

Presenters will provide an in-depth look at the intersections between hazing and sexual violence, two critical campus safety and violence prevention concerns.  Dr. Elizabeth Allan, a professor of Higher Education at the University of Maine, is President of StopHazing, an organization committed to research about hazing and its prevention.  Dr. Jane Stapleton is the Director of Prevention Innovations Research Center: Ending Sexual and Relationship Violence and Stalking, University of New Hampshire.  Both international experts in their fields, they are working together to explore key points of overlap between hazing and sexual violence.  They will provide: a synopsis of current research about sexual violence and hazing prevention, research-based principles for comprehensive prevention, and practical tips for their application to hazing and sexual violence prevention.  Participants will be invited to share perspectives and key questions and strategies for discussion.